11/1/2014 6/19/2024

Statement about our data

This is an amazing industry in the sense of how transparent it was set up to be. All data on this site is obtained from publicly available data.


This site is NOT selling you data!


It is a tool similar to a telescope, that lets you see data that is freely available, but through a helping lens. Just as a telescope lets you see planets etc. more clearly, using our tools, we aim to help you see the available information more clearly.


The sales totals are updated monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of the month, but sometimes later depending on availability of data from the WSLCB.


The detailed data is updated monthly, usually updated when it is 45 days old. This is the only way to get the complete traceability dataset.


All traceability data is obtained through public records.

Pro Users

We do not sell or share any information about your account or usage with anyone. Ever!